Whisky Junction and well, a whole lot of whisky.

Sup Buttercups- The last gig was a total success. Lots of people and booze flowing, and once again I ran out of Free Ass CD's. I took the main stage and then I was followed by Minihaha, and then Splimit. All three of us were of course completely different genres of music. Splimit being Psychedelic Garage Rock, and Minihaha being folk, it was a lot for me to keep up with as a solo acoustic musician. Then came the super lit part after I performed. Where I had shot after shot as show goers kept buying them for me. I was super greatful, although I don't necessarily remember my Lyft ride home. Yes, I take Lyft. Today I'm uploading a lyrics video for Nothing Sexual so be sure to keep an eye out fo

First Public Gig of The Summer

Hey Buttercups! I'm working on getting gigs. I also suck at getting myself gigs, so this is hard. But it's paying off thanks to my good friends in the band Splimit! They're going to start booking the same bills with me, so I'll hopefully end up with tons more gigs. Also, if you're into psychedelic garage rock go check out Splimit (they're pretty amazing). If you live in the Twin cities come out and see the show! It's on June 28th at Whisky Junction in Minneapolis. As far as I know there's no cover (but that may change) New videos being recorded tonight, so look out for that guy. Website is still being updated, I'm trying to keep yall informed af. What would you like to hear me write a song a

Playing Shows and Recording

Hi Buttercups! I hope that your Wednesday has been awesome so far. I've decided that since my videos haven't been as frequent, I'm going to start this blog and update it as much as I can! I'm going broke, and spending whatever time I can to finish this album. I love it. I love that people actually care. I love that you're reading this. I Have been out playing shows at private festivals, below is a picture from one a few weeks ago! I know I've continuously mentioned the new album, and I promise it will be out as soon as possible. I'm writing, recording, and engineering this myself (with the help of a few engineers when they're free). It'll be on Spotify, Youtube, and more. I've just uploaded

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