The Album Is Done, And Chadwick Is One!

Sup Buttercups. The album is done. It's over. It's finally over. Kind of. As it turns out, I have a lot of stuff to get done before I release the album. Such as: Film A Video, Get A Short Week Long Tour Booked To Promote, Teach Entire Album To Second Guitarist For Said Tour, Get Funds To Distribute, Etc. Don't worry, I'm working on getting it all done ASAP. As many of you know I have a "Cat-Son" named Chadwick Paddle. As it turns out, he has survived the first year of his life! He's now one year old and just as much of a lovable shit head as ever. Loveable. Love-able? Lavaball? I can't spell. To those sending me messages about commissioning songs, the release of the album, and that one guy m

An Interesting Show, And Much Needed Rest

Sup Buttercups- Last Thursday night I played an incredibly diverse show. With bands "Count Vaseline" and "Color Skeme". Things were moving, experiences were being made, it was a fantastic night. To be fair, I've been working really hard to get this album done. But with a break up, full time work, and straight into the studio every night with little sleep, I felt it was time for a much needed break. So I went out of town for the weekend with some homies and had a blast. I just wanted to share this, because it's easy to forget about the state of one's mental health. So get out there, take a break, and love yourself. There's only 2 weeks left till the album is completed. Then I'll do my best to

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