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Cheers To Beers, and 20 Fine Years

I was taking time to update my website as I actually remembered that I have one. Upon updating my BIO to show that the new album has indeed been released and available everywhere for streaming, I noticed something.

I began my musical journey by beginning to learn the guitar at age 13. Realizing that means I started in 2003, and the current year is 2023, it's crazy to say that I have been now playing the guitar for 20 years.

I'm sure you've always seen me with a very particular guitar. Her name is Taytay, she's a Taylor 210 CE, and has been by my side through countless shows, events, and tours. She's been with me for 10 years now, or half of my entire musical life.

Through 2 decades I've followed music, and it's taken me to some wonderful places. I've played on the east coast from Washington D.C., all the way down to the Florida Keys. Music led me to what I now refer to as my real hometown now of Minneapolis, MN. From there, I met amazing musicians, great friends, and got a real taste for the life of a creative.

I followed my heart and passion to music school. I studied Music Production, Music Business, and became a certified audio engineer. I joined bands, took stages, and spent hours upon hours in music studios- in both the live room and control room.

To me, this is such a monumental realization. 20 years I've been pursuing a dream. A dream I've seen so many hunt after only to stop short. A dream of entertainment, creative outlet, and self satisfaction. I know many others that have taken the time to learn, adapt, and grow. Only to finally set their instrument down one last time. Music has led me all the way across the country, as I now reside on the West Coast in Southern California. With my heart on my sleeve, it continues to bleed down on to the neck of my guitar. I don't ever plan to stop.

Still booking shows. Still looking to make others smile. Music has always been the true heart of me. Through ups and downs, new experiences, and remembering the old. My strongest memories are tied to music. I truly cannot see myself ever stopping, nor do I have any want to.

From playing festivals in the woods, to performing in musicals (I still can't dance though), to being in major cities around the country, I've found that any and all music can spark passion and emotion.

Some of you have come to be fans of music I create, and I've become a fan of many others too. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for hanging around and listening as I continue to create.

Most of all, thank you for 20 years.


Kyle (BuhDihKuh) Arneson


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