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Halfway Done With The Album, and I'm Feeling Great!

Ah Yes, the fabled album. Announced for release in April of 2021, and pushed back over a year due to mental garbage.

As a lot of you know I've been going through it, but that doesn't mean that progress isn't progress. Balancing a 6 day overtime work week with recording, streaming, and maintaining a social life is enough to make you feel like you've lost control. In those times that I feel I've lost control though I also remember those who left, and those who have stayed. The old saying that life is a journey can be both misleading and endearing. It's a journey to an ideal end goal, but the amount of shit that can hit the fan along the way can make it seem like the journey may not be worth it.

It's been nearly a year since my last blog post, and I've honestly since stopped uploading content. If it weren't for PoetBrained editing gaming youtube videos for me, I'd probably have nothing uploaded at all. A reason behind this isn't me giving up, it's that I've been working to create things I'm proud of, and I want them to hit all at once. Mainly that being the album.

I was once told in college that I shouldn't ever fret on the release of anything because no one is actively sitting on the sidelines waiting for it's release. I believed this forever until I started receiving messages from people. Some people I've spoken with before, some I've never encountered in my life. It fills me with hope and determination that people actually care about the work I put into what I do, and it also makes more sense to me why I need to not push out a half assed product just because people are awaiting it.

I've met with other up and coming musicians that have told me I'm inspiring with my writing styles. I've also spent so much time with so many other people that I can't believe I've been able to have so many experiences in such a short year. From feeling like I can't go on, to feeling like I'm becoming the strong and leading individual I create in my music. Without friends and a break from the mundane I wouldn't be feeling the way I do now.

People have told me that friends you make on the internet aren't real friends. I completely beg to differ. Supportive, understanding, and all around uplifting individuals have come from the woodwork to let me know that I'm not alone in the world. People like Magistrate, FX_GG, PoetBrained, Crinfar, DK, Orphelius, Lellilotti, Grimli, and others (sorry if you weren't listed there is far too many to list)have shown I'm not just a voice in a game, or a face in a video. and I love talking, hanging, and and doing whatever in a digital environment. You also can't forget those that have been staying with me through it all in the real world as well.

The PodCast has been an amazing adventure. A lot of work goes into it and I'm hoping to have it come back once the album is done by the end of the summer. I'm still very sure I'm scarred and will be non committal as far as emotional outlets, and for that I appreciate everyone that sticks around. 3 years of a not so good relationship will put you in a not so trusting mindset, and until I feel I've broken free from that, I'm gonna keep being the Buh and Chadwick Duo.

The album is in fact halfway done with recording. With limited gear, space, and time it's been hard. Another reason is some of the music written for the album has been shelved due to it seeming to not fit the new narrative that is the person I am today. So a lot of the songs on it (although some of the recordings going to be added are over 9 years old) have been written within the last year. Moreso - the last few months. There's also the fact that I'm taking another shot at adding some electronic songs I've written, as well as full electric guitar based punk. The best thing about the revamp and changes I've been making is that the album no longer feels like a trial, uninviting work, or a total downer. I'm back in my element (whatever that means), feeling the joy of writing and building off the experiences I've been forming here in Southern California.

With a new album, means shows will be back on the menu. I love playing on stream, and I love building an amazing BuhDihKult across the internet, but I also love the feeling of standing on a stage and playing for 6-7 lucky ("lucky" who even is this guy) unsuspecting people in a dive bar. With a full time job, and not having a vacation since 2010/2011 (I honestly can't remember really) - my PTO may finally go to me having me time for once. This also means in terms of shows I'm not sure how a tour will fit in in the near near future- but I can assure I do want to go back onto the road and live that life again.

At some point I will need to find a secondary vocalist/rhythm-lead guitarist, because as amazing as I tOtAlLy am I won't be able to play everything by myself. At this point, my old bandmate and good friend Galen (Gaydog) has since been married, moved to a new house further up state MN, and is living a great life. I wish nothing more for him, and I know that he's in a new chapter of his life. That said I'll be scouting someone that fits the personality and skill I'll need to perform with me later this year.

I'm building new bonds, making new connections, and still chasing the same dream I've been chasing for the last 20 years. I also have a backlog of commission music I need to work on, which can be disheartening to those that have made the request and are also willing to pay for it. Everything is on the horizon, and everything is getting better... even if only some days it feels more that way than not.

Summer is upon us, and I encourage you to try new things (safe things obvi) and to make new connections and experiences. I'm ready for sunshine, bike rides, and just overall good times. Making stories I'll be telling to future friends. Making them wish they'd been there while also doing something new of our own. Some people will come into your life, and you can feel as if they are great and positive- only to turn toxic (I hate that word) and bad for your overall health and life. I've learned to surround myself with caring, and amazing individuals, and I can only wish the same will happen for all of you.

I'll keep the updates rolling, my water intake higher, and besure to pet Chadwick for many hours a day. He still loves me even though I drooled on him in my sleep last night.

Until the next post, I wish you all the best!


Kyle (BuhDihKuh) Arneson


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