In Regards To The Massive DMCA Strike Against Twitch.

Hi Everyone. I hope that all of you are having a wonderful day. I'm making this post because of a valid point that has been brought to my attention about my Twitch channel, and the deletion of all clips. Recently, the entire Twitch site was hit with a massive DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) strike. This means that a representative of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has filed a claim upon thousands of clips from creators across the website from over the past nearly 3 years. Twitch has always had ToS in place against the use of music not owned by the Streamer, especially in clips, highlights, and past broadcasts. Over the past few years my channel has amassed a lar

Happy Pride Month!

It's June. Absolutely insane that the year is flying by! Just because pride is canceled doesn't mean that pride month is. For the month of June, channel points have been changed to "Rainboyes". and the icon has also changed to this! I've added some fun stuff to the points choices as well. The streaming schedule is changing, because I'm having trouble adjusting my sleep schedule thanks to new medication I am taking. new schedule is 3:30 PM - 9 PM tues - fri. As things loosen up and things begin to reopen, I'll be doing more IRL streams on the beach, as well as expanding into watch parties, and games outside of my norm. I'll be doing a Crash Bandicoot Warped race with KMIAOfficial, and Orpheli

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