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2021 Has Been Quite A Year For Buh

Hey Cool Kids,

I've been absent for quite some time in terms of music, streaming, social media and more.

I'm not always the most open about my personal life when it comes to speaking to those that support my Music, Streams, or anything else I create when I can. So I figure I'd shed some light on my life up to this point.

(Photo - - July 22nd, 2021)

2020 was a crazy time in my life. The pandemic opened a door for me to begin full time streaming. This allowed me to spread more music, meet more people, and grow my channel as a safe and fun space for everyone.

2021 was on the horizon and I had a gut feeling. The feeling was that this was going to be my year. That feeling was made to feel less true out of the gate as my 3 and a half year relationship came to an end on the first day of the year.

I pushed forward, and as I continued on, I began spreading my streams to different platforms such as Reddit ( ) which I still try to do whenever I can. My Reddit streams are only music, which has helped me meet a large new group of awesome and supportive people. This also prompted me to start doing music streams on Twitch.

(Photo - July 1st, 2021)

The year was continuing on. I had to part with my cat Salem, and my other cat Chadwick and I felt as if we'd lost a part of our hearts. It's become apparent, that I may never see him again, and by this point I'm sure he's moved on and is living a happy carefree cat life.

Many of you know I dropped my life in Minneapolis to pursue a career in music in LA. The pandemic put a hindrance on that, and also slowed down the process of meeting new people in the area. This meant time was ticking down, and I had no leads for a roommate- essentially meaning that vagrancy was on the horizon.

(Photo - Chadwick Posing for my tattoo of him - July 6th, 2021)

As I continued to search for a new home with Chad here in SoCal, I continued streaming- essentially anytime I was awake, or not working at my day job.

Streaming came to a big slow down when I received the news that my Step father, Richard H. Boone, had passed away. My mental state had started to become more and more disconnected from the world around me. Things began to feel less and less real. I had to return to Maryland for the funeral, and I guess from that point on I felt more alone than I ever had in my life.

Streaming took a backseat. I couldn't push through to show the happy face that viewers, friends, and fans had come to know and love. That person just wasn't there.

The only thing that was around was a sad, drunk, shell of a man that felt at wits end.

(Photo - Posing with the team - July 10th, 2021)

I appreciate you for hanging through the sad parts of my year, and for your understanding of why videos, streams, and more have fallen off. But since you've made it this far, now I can get you up to speed of life currently.

Things are looking up. I work with awesome people, amazing kids, and an all around amazing community.

With no bed, no leads, and honestly no hope, a friend of a friend named Nikki took a chance and rented me a room in her home. I was sleeping on the floor and another friend Raphael gave me an air mattress.

When the news hit about my loss of Richard, the parents of kids I work with reached out with sympathy and support. People from the internet swore that they would help me to stay off the streets if nothing worked out. I've started recording again for , and although I'm pushing 3 months behind on content - they still remain, and are understanding.

I'm working to book gigs, and get back on the road- there will be a go fund me made in the next week for anyone that would like to support getting me back on the road, and back on the stage.

(Photo - Buh at LACMA - July 5th, 2021)

So just know that I'm not completely back to my happy bouncing self. But the kindness of those that know me, support me, and show love even if they've never met me IRL has been pushing me back up. 2021 isn't over yet. Not by a long shot. I am going to do my best to make sure I get out of bed. I get the album finished. I get back to creating content to continue growing my internet footprint.

Thanks for reading, caring, and understanding.

Until next time.


Kyle (BuhDihKuh) Arneson


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