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Whisky Junction and well, a whole lot of whisky.

Sup Buttercups-

The last gig was a total success. Lots of people and booze flowing, and once again I ran out of Free Ass CD's. I took the main stage and then I was followed by Minihaha, and then Splimit. All three of us were of course completely different genres of music.

Photo by Mike Allison

Splimit being Psychedelic Garage Rock, and Minihaha being folk, it was a lot for me to keep up with as a solo acoustic musician.

Then came the super lit part after I performed. Where I had shot after shot as show goers kept buying them for me. I was super greatful, although I don't necessarily remember my Lyft ride home. Yes, I take Lyft.

Today I'm uploading a lyrics video for Nothing Sexual so be sure to keep an eye out for it on my YouTube channel. I'll also be uploading me performing a new song from my couch in a couple days. I don't want to keep releasing songs from my upcoming album, but It's taking so long to produce that I can't keep holding out on posting new content.

All that being said, be sure t check out my channel

Thanks again for reading, listening, and watching. You all are the best, and I hope I can keep up and make everyone happy.


-Kyle (BuhDihKuh) Arneson

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