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First Public Gig of The Summer

Hey Buttercups!

I'm working on getting gigs. I also suck at getting myself gigs, so this is hard. But it's paying off thanks to my good friends in the band Splimit!

They're going to start booking the same bills with me, so I'll hopefully end up with tons more gigs. Also, if you're into psychedelic garage rock go check out Splimit (they're pretty amazing).

If you live in the Twin cities come out and see the show! It's on June 28th at Whisky Junction in Minneapolis. As far as I know there's no cover (but that may change)

New videos being recorded tonight, so look out for that guy.

Website is still being updated, I'm trying to keep yall informed af.

What would you like to hear me write a song about for a future video? Comment it on my most recent video, or send me a message through the contact section on here!

Another short post, but lots of love for you all!


-Kyle BuhDihKuh Arneson

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