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Hey cool kids.

It's been a while, so I figured that it's time for an update!

I'm returning to weekly YouTube video uploads. I get enough comments and site messages telling me I need new content. Well, you've been heard and I'm bringing it back! For each video that I make it will be uploaded on Thursdays. Want the videos on Tuesdays? Then be sure to join my newly launched Patreon! I've been a full time streamer for a few months now on Twitch.

I've been making live music on Twitch for viewer's requests. Talking about recording and mixing tips, and making some all around goofy stuff. The latest viewer request video is up on youtube now! Be sure to check it out, and if you don't already- please subscribe!

I'm doing more than ever, and I've been putting in the hours to prove it. I'm ecstatic with how our small community has grown, how accepting and supportive everyone is. On New Year's Day 2020 my Twitch channel broke 1,000 followers. That's the most I've ever had on any platform ever. Since then, we are now almost to 1.4k followers. I am forever grateful and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon <3

Mario Maker is still apart of the channel, but less and less so. The reason being? I ain't no one trick pony. Taking risks with new content is fun, but does involve a lot of trial and error. Have suggestions for what you want to see from me? Let me know in the BuhDihKuh Discord!

I'm in a real hard place in my life right. I'm struggling with finances due to COVID-19, and I'm fighting for better mental health. I will get through this, and I will always stay as open as I can with the ongoings of my life so you won't have to worry.

Thank you again for all of the support, for the love, and reading. Please enjoy as I continue to grow my digital footprint.


Kyle "BuhDihKuh" Arneson

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