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1 Year On Twitch - The BuhDihVersary

As some of you know I've spent a great deal of 2018 in front of a computer. It started with a laptop. Then I added in mics and an interface. Then monitors. Then a new PC. An extra monitor. A super butt gaming chair. A green Screen and More.

BuhDihKuh in his Streaming Station

One week from today will be my one year streamiversary. So I'm basically at this point just trying to figure out how I should go about celebrating it.

Twitch is such a weird, yet inspiring place. I started streaming as a way to keep content flowing in times when I couldn't go out and hit the road with music. Then I started making new friends, and becoming deeply involved in the online gaming community.

This has lead to me spearheading some other projects as well. I'm working on a few new things off cam, that are going to take some time. I just figured I'd give a brief mention of them now as let you all know that I'm not just sitting on my ass all damn day.

Back to the point: 1.21.2019 will be the marker for my 1 year streaming on twitch. of course the main game that I will be streaming is Super Mario Maker. I may throw some others in there as well depending on how I'm feeling that day.

I invite you all to come join in, and be a part of the gaming fun. This isn't a point where I've decided to stop, and if anything it's a point where I'll begin to move at full force and to continue nurturing my growing channel. is a direct link, and there is also a link on the main page of this website.

In the coming months I expect to start a weekly talk show on my channel. BaeDihKuh will more than likely be a reoccurring co-host, as well as other good friends, and other gamers through the internet. I also plan to start releasing more musical youtube videos where I will be directly singing about famous people that others have requested. Examples are:

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I'm open to any and all ideas (well, legal and humane ideas).

2019 will be my year. I've got a clear head and one hell of a driving force behind me. Thanks again for all of the continued support, you all mean the world to me.


Kyle (BuhDihKuh) Arneson

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