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Where The Fuck Have You Been And Where's The Damn New Album??

Sup Buttercups.

I hope that you all are having a fantastic day so far (and that you have some killer plans for the weekend)!

BuhDihKuh In The Studio

I know I tend to pop up, dump a bunch of content, then disappear forever again.

I'm not apologizing for that I'm just acknowledging I do it. lol.

I tried booking out for Feb, but it was too close of a time frame so now I'm reaching out to venues about March! You know the old saying "Does February March? No but April May!"

If you're still reading I thank you.

Do you like stickers/shirts/and other shit like that? Cause those things are now in the works!

The album will be released before the next leg of our tour, and will be on all free platforms such as Spotify/YouTube/Google Play/Amazon and more! But if you want to be supportive and help us keep getting back on the road, you'll of course be able to purchase it on iTunes.

I'm taking an initiative to start screen writing. I actually started my first spec script today! Idk if that's something that will be posted up publicly, as I still have no idea what I'm doing. I just figured I would share what's new with me!

What's new with you? Your hair looks great btw.

Galen and I just played a last minute gig last weekend, and I will continue to have local gigs keep popping up. If you have me liked on Fb, thanks so much, if you haven't yet it would be a HUGE help for booking as the talent buyers do pay attention to things like that.

( )

I plan to release some sort of video by the end of today or tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that as well. I recently released a duet with Galen, as well as my GF Brittany. They're all on my YouTube channel, so go check em out!

I've also started a gaming channel, as well as started streaming on Twitch.

As always if you want a copy of the album and can't catch us on the road- shoot me a message and I'll do my best to help it get to you.

I've almost finished a goofy anthem for /r/Kyle, I'm writing songs about more YouTubers, and I'm trying to have a whole lot of fun in any spare time that I get!

Remember that the skies are grey, it's cold, and work can be stressful- but you're wonderful, you're happy, and I love you all.

Chad jumped on my lad and decided that it's "pet the cat time" so I'm gonna sign off for now.

Thanks for all the support. Thanks for all the love. And thank you for being you.

(And thanks for not hating me for starting that last sentence with the word And).


Kyle (BuhDihKuh) Arneson

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