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Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy.

Sup Buttercups?

I wanted to make the full announcement that my good friend Galen Aamot will be traveling with me to play once we finally have the venues set in stone!

Galen is the guy next to me, not the butt.

We'll be kicking off gigging together with our first show together at The Minnesota Music Cafe. Illustrious I know. 10/4/17 - Doors at 8PM, see the main site for the rest of the info!

Sorry I haven't posting as much, I'll be sure to make sure that changes!

Fun Fact: Did you know that The library is that tallest building in your city?

It has the most "Stories".

Recently I ended up accidentally playing at Wild Tymes (A Minnesota Wild hockey bar I used to have an apartment on top of). I showed up to grab a drink in the middle of doing some studio work down the road. The same people that have been going there since I lived there over 5 years ago are still there.

They convinced me to stay to play, although I didn't have my Taylor with me. They assured me they could provide a guitar and that it would all be taken care of. So I decided to stay and do it.

There was another concert next door for a band called Glass Animals which had just let out, then Wild Tymes became flooded with already drunken patrons. It was turning out to be a fun night.

That's when it was my turn to take the stage, and I was handed the most haggard fuck stick of an instrument that I had ever had the pleasure to hold. The strings must have been over 4 years old, wouldn't stay in tune, and the neck felt like it was coated in 3 lairs of spit.

That being said, although they handed me captain hooks dick and expected me to lay out some bangers, the set went fantastic. The awesome crowd bought me shots and many laughs were had.

I've been working with a small bookings company called All In The Couch ( to get these out of state shows underway. One of the owners of the company is a good friend from college, so it's nice to have familiar faces helping to work with such an unorganized musician such as myself.

As far as youtube videos, I'll have to try to film them with my phone for now, because my gopro was left in the rain without the proper housing. When it comes to getting a camera, well, let's just say I'll be lucky if I can make rent this month.

I love all of you, and I hope that everything is going your way! I will release the album when I feel the time is right.

If you're still reading this that makes me feel great. Not like, I have a boner great, but like, "oh cool" kind of great.

And maybe a boner too.

I may need to reconstruct again soon.

Stay chill cool kids. Be sure to like and share the youtube vids I've got up, and I promise there's more good shit in store for you. Lastly, please let me know if you would like us to perform in your city! It only takes one person interested for me to want to travel and play your town.

I almost forgot! My full time job isn't going to be flexible enough for me to go on a straight up 2 week tour. So Galen and myself will be going out of state every other weekend. It's gonna be dope.

That's it for this blog post!


Kyle (BuhDihKuh) Arneson

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