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Upcoming Shows, Big Booty Hoes

What's up Buttercups?

Great news! I have shows. Better news- you're all invited to said shows <3

BuhDihKuh @ Club Underground, Mpls, MN

I was invited back to perform in a comedy contest at Club Underground on 7/24/2017. One of my absolute favorite venues. If you live in the Minneapolis area, are free on a Monday night, and want bomb ass tacos, C.U. is your place.

So come out and see me crush the competition. Also, the crowd votes, so i would be double ecstatic if you all showed up <3!!

The following day I'll be in Eau Claire, WI at a venue called "The Plus". They do an open mic there, near UW Eau Claire. If you're in the area, I hope that you'll come and check it out.

Then a week following, I'll be playing with many other talented musicians in Uptown at Moto I. I've played there the last 2 weeks in a row, and every time I run out of "Free Ass CD's"

I just got back Banjo tracks for a song I wrote, and I'm doing a mix down. The album is a lot of work, especially since I work a full time gig, as well as extra work just to feed Chad (my cat son), and keep the lights on.

I know the album will be a game changer. I'm hoping for it to be a huge milestone in my life, and something that will help push me towards the future I've always dreamt of achieving.

Thanks for reading my blog, visiting the site, listening, talking with me at shows, being wholesome and wonderful people.

That's it for this post, talk to you all soon!


-Kyle BuhDihKuh Arneson

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