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Playing Shows and Recording

Hi Buttercups!

I hope that your Wednesday has been awesome so far. I've decided that since my videos haven't been as frequent, I'm going to start this blog and update it as much as I can!

I'm going broke, and spending whatever time I can to finish this album.

I love it. I love that people actually care. I love that you're reading this.

I Have been out playing shows at private festivals, below is a picture from one a few weeks ago!

Me performing at a festival 2 weeks ago

I know I've continuously mentioned the new album, and I promise it will be out as soon as possible. I'm writing, recording, and engineering this myself (with the help of a few engineers when they're free). It'll be on Spotify, Youtube, and more. I've just uploaded a requested lyric video for "The Most Romantic Song In The World" to my Youtube channel, and you can download the mastered version for free from my soundcloud!

Thanks again for everything, although my life has hit relationship issues, family issues, etc and more- the support or you awesome people keep me going!



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