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We're Returning To The Stage.

Hey Cool Kids and Not So Cool Kids-

We've been gone. By gone, I mean like GONE gone. Well that's about to change because BuhDihKuh and GayDogg are back to it. After a year long hiatus, and no shows, we finally went back out to play a festival.

BuhDihKuh & Gaydogg at Haybelly

Mental issues, financial issues, and me being an all around ass in life has led to this break from music. a break that neither of us wanted to take. But that shit is over my doods, and these mofo's are coming to quench our thirst for the stage.

This was a solid reminder that we are needed in the world. We have a message to send, and that message is B U T T S. It's also that life doesn't need to be so serious. That life can be good beyond the veil of shit that is being thrown over our eyes.

I'm not exactly philosophical or religious, but I am ready to be happy and back to doing what I love.

The shows will begin in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. It'll be a wonderful feeling to be back on the stage in our cities, and then we will take this show back on the road asap.

Not in the cities and want to catch us live? See us on

We will be doing our best to get as many shows as possible streamed live. Just because we can't get out there irl right now, doesn't mean that the show can't.

I feel full of energy, and pride that we are coming back to the music scene. Sometimes it's healthy to take a break, and this truly was a healthy break. But that shit is over and these health bars are full.

We will be playing with some top tier local bands. Such as Splimit, and Fat Fish. Other bands will soon be added in and I can not be happier.

So come on down to the acoustic booty life, and we will be ready to make you laugh so hard you cry.

If you haven't yet, don't forget to follow us on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL or whatever platform that you use. It helps to spread us into more and more peoples playlists and all it costs you is a click <3

Thanks for listening, reading, interacting, and letting us know that we haven't been forgotten.

We are ready for what feels like the true beginning, and whatever the frick this crazy future holds.


Kyle (BuhDihKuh) Arneson

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